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Freind and I ran Dry top with no shirts on just to be silly. Now we made a dumb guild as part of a inside joke called “The shirtless bragade”

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Sense I have nothing better to do imma chill in rata sum and see what kind of silly stuff they get into.

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SAB’s entrance right now.

I figured I’d make this post to voice my opinion on SAB sense I love it so much…

A net, It’s REALLY not that hard to figure out when the right time to release a new super adventure box update. We are in a mid break of the living story and that was some really dark stuff you threw at our way.  This mid season break (like the wait for season 2) will likely be loonnngg slloooowwwww and worse of all. BORING. Yea yea we got a big patch on the way but I highly doubt this patch will give us a reason to actually play the game as we wait for season 2 to come back.  Right now after that dark holy crap moment of the last episode… we need some comedic light hearted fun.  So how about instead of  worrying about releasing it in the middle of the season. you work on it now as a side project. So when season 2 ends and were stuck in that long slow empty void of awesome updates that will likely cause people to leave guild wars… You will have these kick ass awesome new super adventure box levels for we have something to do as we wait the next few months for season 3! Not that hard to figure out. If you decide that SAB will never return… then there is a certain coin in my bank that I would DEMAND a refund for.

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Peachy Panic showed us how to get on top of the statue of Dwayna.

Such a hell to get on top.

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The party became a big owie gooey pink love heart… then that heart was blackened with darkness and rock when Boss started to play metal.

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It's time to get BOSSY!


Ladies and Gents, It’s happening again!

YES! DJ BOSS IS STARTING AT 6:30pm and not stopping till at least 10:30!(Pacific Time)

So be one of the cool people* and come to DJ Boss’s weekly dance party in Divinity’s Reach near Minister Zamon’s Mansion. If you show up and there is a lack of…

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Random observations of the latest story.

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Duran And The Nobles

Great minds think alike.