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The GUILD WARS 2 PAX Meet ‘N” Greet Report

I, DJ Boss, had a fun time at the Guild Wars 2 PAX Meet and Greet. I meet a lot of fellow players that are just as passionate about GW2 as we are. Not all of them play the same way I do, but we all have that same passion and drive and I was a privilege to be at an event where I got to meet others, in the flesh, that have the same fervor for the lands of Tyria. Best of all, I even met a couple fans of my own!

The Line of Long

The line to enter the event was insane. The venue has a capacity of just 150 people, but the line of people wishing to get in was well over three times that by the time we were allowed to enter. I had arrived an hour and 45 minutes early but still was behind 40 others. The game may have just celebrated it, the love this community has for the title remains strong.

Speaking of the line, while in attendance I saw no less than three commander tags Cos-plays, (One on a , one on a hair band and a last new, yellow one top of a hat,) two people in armor sets (Light Armor Heritage and Exalted) and one Guild Banner.

Feel the Karma Boost! (Image from GW2 Twitter

The Devs are cool

Developers of all ranks and strips were on hand and ready an able to talk and answer questions. All were friendly, helpful and willing to tell us as much as the marketing department would allow. Heck! Even the marketing people were helpful!

What DJ Boss Learned Talking to Devs

John Ryan (GW2 Writer) said:

  • That while he writes stories foe GW2, his role tends to be filling in the little details of the world around any given update.
  • That he sometimes lampposts (listens in) to roleplay on Tarnished Coast just to see another take on the game lore.
  • That Applenook Hamlet is part of the Kingdom of Kryta and the Lions Arch only own the Havens and the city itself. The hamlet’s economy is tied to LA but the land Applenook sits on is still Kryta’s.
  • That one of his favorite little details is the was the exchange between Lionguard Healer Halloway and a Wounded Lionguard where she finds out his details, says “That’s fine, soldier. Get some rest.” before wandering to a corpsman statingHe’ll be gone in an hour. Add his name to the list.”

Matthew Medina (GW2 Content Designer) said:

  • Since he populated most of the city maps, he hands out mostly in the one city he didn’t do: Divinity’s Reach. He finds he nitpicks himself too much in the other cities.
    All the cities in Tyria were going to have Divinity’s Reach style Tour Guilds but he was pulled from other the city maps before he could make that happen. By the time he was put back on them, Tours were seen as as “Too human” and other features were added to act as tours (i.e. The Fahrar field trip in Black Citadel)
  • New tech is coming that might make so players do not hear the same dialog loops so often.
  • He doesn’t think the people around the Uzolan’s Mechanical Orchestra get much sleep.
  • He. like Ryan Tyler, also lampposts RP now and then.

A Server Engineer (Sorry for forgetting your name) said:

  • The places they see most player population are: World vs. World, Lion’s Arch and Divinity’s Reach (because of the RPers).

Pretty much every Dev I spoke with:

  • We know mega servers aren’t working for you guys.
  • The /ip command use to get on the same shard is clever
  • What feature would make things better (I requested a RP check box and a shard selection screen.)
  • One of our Dev team RPs and really advocates for you guys.

Closing Thoughts

Thanks for staying with me through a long post. While nothing earth shattering was learned, I hope these incites help us realize that the developers are on the sides of the player. They know about the RP community and want to see it continue to thrive. We are all Allies.

P.S. Wearing a new GW2 shirt to a Meet ‘N’ Greet makes people think I am a dev and I was stop by no less than seven people at the party. Oops.

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Weekly DJ boss photo dump

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Surefire way to get a party going in the Grove:

>start a fight with your ex
>form rival gangs
>aggressive synchronized dancing
>cool ninja poses????

(the greatest part was drygrasses just carrying that bomb around the entire time and casually threatening people with it)