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Three down. Two to go.

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Pew pew pew! Breonnick the Sylvari…. his tumblr.

omg ty.

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And this episode is done. I felt like that was anti climatic.  Tree horn is makeing a return in part 2 and I am pretty sure I am going to dred it.

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Unlike the second half of the personal story. The pale tree seem to remember that I am sylvari in today’s living story episode. Im glad they made sure she does so.

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Decided to farm drytop while naked. *causes guild drama*

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Is your throat burning with the strength of a Foefire? Then cleanse it with our new, refreshing, Charr-brand water! Imported straight from Ascalon! 250 years of freshly, seared tears.

Also, Season 2.

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DJ Boss's show is tonight! He's warming up the awesome!


Ladies and Gents, are you ready for a party? Are you sick of the lame minstrel that your local tavern hired? Have you bar hopped Divinity’s Reach so much that you seen the bad minstrel six times tonight?

You, my friend, need DJ Boss!

Come to Minister Zamon’s Mansion in Divinity’s Reach to hear…

Tonight is fight night so guess whose gonna be late? This salad!

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1 down. 4 to go.

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Seraph charity ball.