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what the fuck is thuis.w aht does it mean


A guide to being a sylvari parent 101.


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I shouldnt be allowed at funerals any more.

I shouldnt be allowed at funerals any more.

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Some matrix stuff going on here.

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why do I have 50 notes on that manor post?

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you cray

I can explain…

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Breo with his sparring coach Heil teucer. Preparing for Thursday’s fight… Heil stop picking at your eye socket. You are going to get it infected.

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Marching of the yaks.

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College RP?

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During the final confrontation with Apophan, Heil Teucer, with Karshok Ironclaw’s blessed blade in his hands, dealt the final blow against the cultist leader. When the magical energies of the sword and the Sovereign collided, it cast out a brilliant explosion of magic and light. Only ash remained where the Charr once stood as the blade cracked and shattered from the impact. The sword, now back in Karshok’s possession, lays on a table in his quarters as magic continues to leak from it’s broken remains as feint tendrils of flame and light frailly holds the pieces together in it’s useless state.

did a thing for a friend.

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*sees a guild tagged OuO. Everything goes down hill from there.*